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Question 1: Sometimes angles are given as decimal degrees, e.g., 26.4586 degrees, or in other units such as radians (especially in mathematical and scientific uses other than ________) or angular mils.

Question 2: The kilometre was originally defined as the length of an arc spanning a decimal minute of latitude, a similar definition to that of the nautical mile which was the length of an arc of one (non-decimal) minute of ________.
Antarctic CirclePrime MeridianEquatorLatitude

Question 3: The metre-tonne-second system of units (MTS) was based on the metre, ________ and second.
KilogramMetric systemTonneUnited States customary units

Question 4: Later metric systems were based on the metre, ________ and second (MKS) to improve the value of the units for practical applications.
Mass versus weightPlanck constantKilogramGold

Question 5: The metric system, including the metre, was first fully described by Englishman ________ in 1668 in a treatise presented to the Royal Society, some 120 years before the French adopted the system.
Ralph BathurstEnglandOliver CromwellJohn Wilkins

Question 6: The original metric system was intended to be used with the time units of the ________, but these fell into disuse.
Gregorian calendarFrench Republican CalendarChinese calendarAstronomical year numbering

Question 7: Early on in the history of the metric system, various versions of ________ (CGS) had been in use.
Conversion of unitsCentimetre gram second system of unitsPlanck unitsStoney scale units

Question 8: In 1673, ________ independently made proposals similar to those of Mouton.
Ludwig WittgensteinGottfried LeibnizImmanuel KantPlato

Question 9: [6] In the ________, metric units are widely used in science and industry, but customary units predominate in household use.
AlaskaUnited StatesPhilippinesCanada

Question 10: Today ________ is not in everyday use.
Decimal timeCalendarJulian calendarGregorian calendar

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