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Question 1: In 1791, the ________ selected the meridional definition over the pendular definition because the force of gravity varies slightly over the surface of the Earth, which affects the period of a pendulum.
French Academy of SciencesShiing-Shen ChernPeter LaxRaoul Bott

Question 2: The metre (or meter) is the basic unit of length in the ________ (SI).
International System of UnitsSystems of measurementMetric systemConversion of units

Question 3: Decimal multiples such as kilometre and centimetre are indicated by adding ________ to metre.
Giga-Engineering notationMega-SI prefix

Question 4: 1795 — Provisional metre bar constructed of ________.

Question 5: where λ is the determined wavelength; c is the speed of light in ideal vacuum; n is the ________ of the medium in which the measurement is made; and f is the frequency of the source.
Refractive indexDispersion (optics)MetamaterialOptics

Question 6: 1983 October 21 — The seventeenth CGPM defines the metre as equal to the distance travelled by ________ in vacuum during a time interval of 1299,792,458 of a second.

Question 7: 1790 May 8 — The French National Assembly decides that the length of the new metre would be equal to the length of a ________ with a half-period of one second.
EscapementPendulum clockPendulumKater's pendulum

Question 8: ________ chose to use meter in accordance with the United States Government Printing Office Style Manual.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationBureau of Industry and SecurityNational Technical Information ServiceNational Institute of Standards and Technology

Question 9: One approach suggested defining the metre as the length of a ________ with a half-period of one second, a 'seconds pendulum'.
Kater's pendulumEscapementPendulum clockPendulum

Question 10: In 1983, the metre was redefined as the distance travelled by light in ________ in 1299,792,458 of a second.
Free spaceMaxwell's equationsMagnetic fieldElectromagnetic radiation

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