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Metoprolol: Quiz


Question 1: Metoprolol has a very low melting point, around 45 degrees Celsius (as determined by ________).
Liquid crystalCalorimeterGlass transitionDifferential scanning calorimetry

Question 2:
What is the molecular weight of Metoprolol?
414.496 g/mol
416.511 g/mol
267.364 g/mol
269.345 g/mol

Question 3:
What is the chemical name of Metoprolol (IUPAC)

Question 4:
What is the elimination half life of Metoprolol?
3-7 hours
28 u00B1 7 hours
2 to 3 hours
3 to 8 hours

Question 5: Metoprolol (often misspelled or mispronounced as "metropolol") is a selective β1 receptor blocker used in treatment of several diseases of the cardiovascular system, especially ________.
Essential hypertensionHypertensionAortic dissectionAtherosclerosis

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