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Methyl violet: Quiz


Question 1: Its main use is as a purple dye for ________ and to give deep violet colors in paint and ink.
WeavingTextile printingSilkTextile

Question 2: It is used as a pH indicator in ________, with a range between 0 and 1.6.
Inorganic chemistryChemistryElectrochemistryPeriodic table

Question 3: However, with the addition of large band-gap semiconductors, TiO2 or ________, the photodecomposition speeds up.
Zinc oxideZinc chlorideZinc4-Methylbenzylidene camphor

Question 4: Specifically, methyl violet 2B is 2.93% solution in water and 15.21% soluble in ethanol, due to the ________ of the aromatic rings.
HydrophobeChemical polaritySuperhydrophobeHydrophile

Question 5: However, this binding to DNA will cause replication errors in living tissue, possibly leading to mutations and ________.

Question 6: The mechanism behind the TiO2 ________ is that it causes the production of oxygen free radicals, which break up the dye molecule.

Question 7: They are all soluble in water, ethanol, ________ and dipropylene glycol.
GlycerolEthylene oxideDiethylene glycolEthylene glycol poisoning

Question 8: This means it can be used in cell viability assays in ________.
Amino acidMetabolismBiochemistryProtein

Question 9: It is known in medicine as Gentian violet (or crystal violet) and is the active ingredient in a ________, used to identify bacteria.
Auramine OStainingAuramine-rhodamine stainGram staining

Question 10: Two examples of dye oxidants are sodium hypochlorite (NaClO, common bleach) and ________.
AntisepticHydrogen peroxideEthanolChlorhexidine

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