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Methionine: Quiz


Question 1: Subsequent methylation of the ________ group by folates affords methionine.

Question 2: High levels of methionine can be found in sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, fish, meats and some other plant seeds; methionine is also found in ________ grains.

Question 3: Methionine is one of only two amino acids encoded by a single codon (AUG) in the standard ________ (tryptophan, encoded by UGG, is the other).
DNAGenetic codeProteinFrancis Crick

Question 4:
Methionine, Phenylalanine and Arginine are all:
All pages needing factual verification Essential amino acids Glucogenic amino acids Thioethers

Question 5: Instead of degrading cystathionine via cystathionine-β-lyase, as in the biosynthetic pathway, cystathionine is broken down to ________ and α-ketobutyrate via (6) cystathionine-γ-lyase.
Glutamic acidSerineMethionineCysteine

Question 6: Racemic methionine is sometimes added as an ingredient to ________.
2007 pet food recallsDog foodCat foodPet food

Question 7: Together with ________, methionine is one of two sulfur-containing proteinogenic amino acids.
Glutamic acidCysteineSerineAlanine

Question 8: Methionine is converted to ________ (SAM) by (1) methionine adenosyltransferase.
PhenylalanineS-Adenosyl methionineTryptophanAcetyl-CoA

Question 9: [9] There are claims the supplements can cause ________.
Renal failureChronic kidney diseaseBladder stone (animal)Kidney

Question 10: Methionine is an intermediate in the biosynthesis of cysteine, ________, taurine, lecithin, phosphatidylcholine, and other phospholipids.
Folic acidMelatoninCarnitineAcetylcarnitine


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