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Question 1: The relative abundance of methane makes it an attractive ________.

Question 2: The search for catalysts which can facilitate C–H bond activation in methane and other low ________ is an area of research with considerable industrial significance.

Question 3:
What is Methane also known as?
2-Amino-3-propanoic acid
Butyl acetone
Methyl hydride, Marsh gas, firedamp

Question 4: Methane was discovered and isolated by ________ between 1776 and 1778 when studying marsh gas from Lake Maggiore.
Michael FaradayGeorg OhmAlessandro VoltaWilliam Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin

Question 5: Industrially, methane can be created from common atmospheric gases and hydrogen (produced, for example, by electrolysis) through chemical reactions such as the Sabatier process, ________.
PetroleumSynthetic fuelFischer–Tropsch processCoal

Question 6: In this context it is usually known as ________, and is considered to have an energy content of 39 megajoules per cubic meter, or 1,000 BTU per standard cubic foot.
Energy developmentNatural gasPetroleumCoal

Question 7: Methane is also an asphyxiant and may displace ________ in an enclosed space.

Question 8: Methane is a ________ with the chemical formula CH4.
ChemistryElectrochemistryChemical compoundInorganic chemistry

Question 9: In the ________ of methane, several steps are involved:
CombustionOxygenFireInternal combustion engine

Question 10: Methane is violently reactive with oxidizers, ________, and some halogen-containing compounds.
HalogenNoble gasMetalNonmetal


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