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Meteor hammer: Quiz


Question 1: This fuel was then lit, and the meteor spun exactly as before, looking like a pair of real harnessed ________.
Near-Earth objectMeteoroidImpact eventMeteorite

Question 2: When the meteor was spinning fast enough, ________ would hold the water in the bowls, with the intention being not to spill any.
Centripetal forceFictitious forceReactive centrifugal forceCentrifugal force (rotating reference frame)

Question 3:
Meteor hammer, Bow (weapon) and Axe are all:
Ancient weapons Circus skills Primitive weapons Juggling

Question 4:
Meteor hammer, Magic (illusion) and Mentalism are all:
Physical activity and dexterity toys Circus skills Primitive weapons Ancient weapons

Question 5: The Meteor hammer (流星錘, liúxīng chuí), often referred to simply as 'meteor', is an ancient Chinese weapon, consisting at its most basic level of two weights connected by a ________ or chain.
RopeTextileFiberTextile manufacturing

Question 6:
Meteor hammer, Juggling and Pen spinning are all:
Circus skills Ancient weapons Juggling Physical activity and dexterity toys

Question 7:
Meteor hammer, Pogo stick and Yo-yo are all:
Ancient weapons Juggling Circus skills Physical activity and dexterity toys

Question 8: The primary advantage for using a meteor hammer was (in a similar way to the ________) its sheer speed.
KarateOkinawan kobudōNunchakuKama (weapon)

Question 9:
Meteor hammer, Crossbow and Sword are all:
Juggling Ancient weapons Circus skills Physical activity and dexterity toys

Question 10: It is also possible to use many of the same techniques common to the ________, by bouncing the chain off the body or even other objects for even more unpredictability.
Kama (weapon)KarateOkinawan kobudōNunchaku


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