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Metathesis reaction: Quiz


Question 1: ________ can also be used to predict the products of a metathesis reaction.
MetalNitrogenHSAB theoryHydrogen

Question 2: The formation of an insoluble ________ that bubbles out of the solution, or a molecular compound such as water, also drives the reaction to completion.
GasTemperatureThermodynamic temperatureSpecific heat capacity

Question 3: Such a reaction always yields carbonic acid as a product, which spontaneously decomposes into ________ and water.
Carbon sinkGreenhouse gasCarbon cycleCarbon dioxide

Question 4: Neutralization occurs when an ________ reacts with an equal amount of a base.
AcidAcid–base reactionOxygenAcid dissociation constant

Question 5: A neutralization reaction creates a solution of a salt and ________.
WaterWater resourcesEarthOxygen

Question 6: For example, a common, science-fair "volcano" reaction involves the reaction of ________ with sodium bicarbonate:
Acetic acidHydrogen peroxideEthanolOxygen

Question 7: Metathesis reactions can occur between two inorganic salts when one product is ________ in water, driving the reaction forward.
Partition coefficientSolventSolubilitySolubility equilibrium

Question 8: The principle of olefin metathesis is that an alkene double bond is cleaved and redistributed alongside the redistribution of an alkylidene under the presence of catalytic metals, such as ruthenium, ________, or tungsten.

Question 9: For example, ________ reacts with sodium hydroxide to produce salt and water:
Hydrochloric acidEthanolHydrogen chlorideSulfuric acid

Question 10: For example, the precipitation of silver chloride from a mixture of ________ and sodium chloride causes sodium nitrate to be left in solution:
Silver hexafluorophosphateSilver iodideSilver perchlorateSilver nitrate


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