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Metastasis: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (Sections on Cavernous malformation, Germinoma, Renal cell carcnomia and Lung Cancer)
Cauda equina syndromeBrown-Séquard syndromeLocked-in syndromeLateral medullary syndrome

Question 2: Lungs: ________, hemoptysis and dyspnea[11] (shortness of breath)
CoughICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findingsPleurisyPneumonia

Question 3: [13] Additionally, the expression of these metastatic-associated genes was shown to apply to other cancer types in addition to ________.
Krukenberg tumorICD-10 Chapter II: NeoplasmsSquamous cell carcinomaAdenocarcinoma

Question 4: This is generally only seen in the peritoneal or pleural cavities by ovarian tumours and ________ respectively.
Desmoplastic small round cell tumorWilms' tumorICD-10 Chapter II: NeoplasmsMesothelioma

Question 5: Cels@Home________ project that is primarily concerned with cell adhesion.
Distributed computingThread (computer science)Parallel computingGrid computing

Question 6: The most common places for the metastases to occur are the lungs, liver, brain, and the ________.
Head and neck anatomyBoneHuman skullHuman skeleton

Question 7: This means, for example, that, if ________ metastasizes to the lungs, the secondary tumor is made up of abnormal breast cells, not of abnormal lung cells.
Lung cancerBreast cancerMammary ductal carcinomaBreast cancer classification

Question 8: Cancer cells may spread to ________ (regional lymph nodes) near the primary tumor.
SpleenLymphatic systemImmune systemLymph node

Question 9: ________ often metastasizes to the ovary in women, then it is called a Krukenberg tumor.
Stomach cancerColorectal cancerCrohn's diseaseHepatocellular carcinoma

Question 10: Still, the determination of the primary tumor can often be very difficult, and the pathologist may have to use several adjuvant techniques, such as immunohistochemistry, FISH (________), and others.
Fluorescent in situ hybridizationFlow cytometryChromatographyInflammation


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