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Question 1: 4) the use of ________ and direct isolation in cultured cells.
Adaptive immune systemPolyclonal antibodiesAntibodyImmune system

Question 2: It was isolated for the first time in 2001 in the Netherlands[1] by using the RAP-PCR (RNA arbitrarily primed ________) technique for identification of unknown viruses growing in cultured cells.
Polymerase chain reactionDNAReal-time polymerase chain reactionReverse transcription polymerase chain reaction

Question 3: Human metapneumovirus (hMPV) is a negative single-stranded ________ virus of the family Paramyxoviridae and is closely related to the avian metapneumovirus (AMPV) subgroup C.
Small interfering RNARNADNANon-coding RNA

Question 4: The virus seems to be distributed worldwide and to have a seasonal distribution with its incidence comparable to that for the ________ viruses during winter.
Viral pneumoniaInfluenzaSevere acute respiratory syndromeCommon cold

Question 5: It may be the second most common cause (after the ________) of lower respiratory infection in young children.
Human respiratory syncytial virusHuman parainfluenza virusesInfluenzaCommon cold

Question 6: The identification of hMPV has predominantly relied on ________ polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technology to amplify directly from RNA extracted from respiratory specimens.
IntegraseThymidine kinaseGlucokinaseReverse transcriptase

Question 7: 2) the use of immunofluorescence staining with ________ to detect hMPV in nasopharyngeal secretions and shell vial cultures
Monoclonal antibodiesNatalizumabOcrelizumabVisilizumab

Question 8: Alternative more cost effective approaches to the detection of hMPV by ________-based approaches have been employed and these include:
Nucleic acid analoguesNucleic acidMorpholinoDNA

Question 9: No treatment is yet known,[2] but ________ has shown effectiveness in an animal model.
RibavirinTaribavirinAntiviral drugPeginterferon alfa-2a


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