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Question 1: Consider the All the world's a stage monologue from ________:
Twelfth NightHamletHenry VI, Part 3As You Like It

Question 2: In a ________, the elements of an extended metaphor constitute the metaphor’s mapping — in the Shakespeare quotation above, exits would be mapped to “death” and entrances mapped to “birth”.
Cognitive scienceGeorge LakoffEmbodied cognitionConceptual metaphor

Question 3: Because they exist at the pre-predicative level, express and structure ________ and theoretical views of Man and the World.

Question 4: In ________ George Lakoff and Mark Johnson argue that metaphors are pervasive in everyday life, not just in language, but also in thought and action.
Embodied cognitionAnalogyConceptual metaphorCognitive science

Question 5: Models and Metaphor, Ithaca, ________.
Columbia UniversityCornell UniversityRutgers UniversityBrown University

Question 6: A dying metaphor is a derogatory term coined by ________ in his essay Politics and the English Language.
Nineteen Eighty-FourGeorge Orwell bibliographyGeorge OrwellHomage to Catalonia

Question 7: ________, hyperbole, metonymy, and simile; all are species of metaphor.
New TestamentDialecticAntithesisRhetoric

Question 8: Metaphor is present in the oldest written Sumerian language narrative, the ________:
Deluge mythEnkiduEpic of GilgameshAga of Kish

Question 9: A ________ is an underlying association that is systematic in both language and thought.
Embodied cognitionConceptual metaphorCognitive scienceGeorge Lakoff

Question 10: [4] Moreover, metaphor also denotes ________ figures of speech that achieve their effects via association, comparison, and resemblance, e.g.


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