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Metamorphism: Quiz


Question 1: If the intruded rock is rich in ________ the result is a skarn.
Carbon dioxideCarbonateCalcium carbonateBicarbonate

Question 2: ________ are recognizable terranes or zones with an assemblage of key minerals that were in equilibrium under specific range of temperature and pressure during a metamorphic event.
AmphiboliteSilicate mineralsGranuliteMetamorphic facies

Question 3: ________, chemical and crystallographic changes can occur during this process.
MineralogyGoldSulfurMaterials science

Question 4: Contact metamorphism occurs typically around intrusive ________ as a result of the temperature increase caused by the intrusion of magma into cooler country rock.
GraniteIgneous rockFelsicBasalt

Question 5: Instead, a zone of ________ or cataclasite is formed, with the rock milled and broken into random fragments.
BrecciaMeteoriteImpact craterImpact event

Question 6: The temperature lower limit of metamorphism is considered to be between 100 - 150°C, to exclude diagenetic changes, due to compaction, which result in ________.
Sedimentary rockGeologyGeologic time scaleSandstone

Question 7: Three types of metamorphism exist:contact, ________ and regional.
Materials scienceMetalDislocationCrystal structure

Question 8: Mod - High T - High P : ________
BasaltGranuliteIgneous rockEclogite

Question 9: Mod to High T - Mod P : Greenschist - Amphibolite - ________
GranuliteGraniteMetamorphic faciesMetamorphic rock

Question 10: Regional metamorphism can be described and classified into ________ or metamorphic zones of temperature/pressure conditions throughout the orogenic terrane.
GranuliteSilicate mineralsAmphiboliteMetamorphic facies

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