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Metalogic: Quiz


Question 1: The deductive apparatus may consist of a set of transformation rules (also called inference rules) or a set of ________, or have both.
Set theoryAxiomatic systemMathematical logicAxiom

Question 2: Formation rules (also called formal grammar) are a precise description of the ________ of a formal language.
Well-formed formulaFirst-order logicSyntax (logic)Symbol (formal)

Question 3: Metalogical questions have been asked since the time of ________.
Bertrand RussellAristotleEmpiricismPlato

Question 4: In 1904, ________ observed that in investigating the foundations of mathematics that logical notions are presupposed, and therefore a simultaneous account of metalogical and metamathematical principles was required.
Kurt GödelGeorg CantorMathematical logicDavid Hilbert

Question 5: Results in metalogic consist of such things as formal proofs demonstrating the ________, completeness, and decidability of particular formal systems.
AxiomFirst-order logicMathematical logicConsistency

Question 6: The enclosing in quotes of an expression gives us the ________ of an expression, for example:
Personal nameHebrew nameNameGiven name

Question 7: Löwenheim-Skolem theorem (Leopold Löwenheim 1915 and ________ 1919)
Alfred TarskiThoralf SkolemKurt GödelDavid Hilbert

Question 8: Such a language can be defined, then, without any ________ to any meanings of any of its expressions; it can exist before any interpretation is assigned to it -- that is, before it has any meaning.
ReferenceSemanticsAbsent referentEncyclopedia

Question 9: The study of interpretation of formal systems is the branch of ________ known as model theory, while the study of deductive apparatus is the branch known as proof theory.
Set theoryMathematical logicGeorg CantorFirst-order logic

Question 10: It is synonymous with the set of strings over the ________ of the formal language which constitute well formed formulas.
Arabic alphabetLatin alphabetAlphabetGreek alphabet

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