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Metalanguage: Quiz


Question 1: Unlike theorems proved within a given formal system, a metatheorem is proved within a metatheory, and may reference concepts that are present in the metatheory but not the ________.
IntuitionismAlonzo ChurchMathematical logicObject theory

Question 2: There are a variety of recognized metalanguages, including ________, ordered, and nested (hierarchical).
Group (mathematics)ManifoldMetric spaceEmbedding

Question 3: It can refer to any terminology or language used to discuss language itself: a written ________, for example, or a discussion about language use.
GrammarLinguisticsSyntaxGenerative grammar

Question 4: In logic and linguistics, a metalanguage is a ________ used to make statements about statements in another language which is called the object language.
Gottfried LeibnizLanguageAristotleSemantics

Question 5: This idea is found in ________'s book, Gödel, Escher, Bach, in his discussion of the relationship between formal languages and number theory: "...
Daniel DennettRaymond KurzweilDouglas HofstadterArtificial intelligence

Question 6: In logic, usually the object language about which the metalanguage is talking is a ________, and very often the metalanguage is as well.
Context-free grammarFormal grammarFormal languageRegular language

Question 7: The ________ example of a nested metalanguage comes from the Linnean taxonomic system in biology.
ParadigmAristotleScientific methodPseudoscience


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