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Question 1: Robert Taylor on a ________ named Triumph, in which both back legs received foam metal prostheses.
Canadian Eskimo DogAlaskan MalamuteSiberian HuskySamoyed (dog)

Question 2: The strength of foamed metal possesses a ________ relationship to its density; i.e.
Zipf's lawPower lawProbability distributionPareto distribution

Question 3: A metal foam is a cellular structure consisting of a solid metal - frequently ________ - containing a large volume fraction of gas-filled pores.

Question 4: Due to the high cost of the material it is most typically used in advanced technology ________ and manufacturing.
Nuclear technologyAerospace engineeringBiotechnologyAerospace

Question 5: ________ will also remain similar while conductivity will likely be reduced.
SilverCoefficient of thermal expansionCopperAluminium

Question 6: The defining characteristic of metal foams is a very high ________: typically 75-95% of the volume consists of void spaces.
Water contentPermeability (earth sciences)PorosityHydraulic conductivity


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