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Metabotropic receptor: Quiz


Question 1: In the nervous system, based on their structural and functional characteristics, neurotransmitter receptors can be classified into two broad categories: metabotropic and ________ receptors.
Potassium channelIon channelSodium channelLigand-gated ion channel

Question 2: What both receptor types have in common is that they are activated by specific ________.

Question 3: These receptors can be further classified into receptor tyrosine kinases and ________, or GPCRs (Kandel et al., 2000, p.
Olfactory receptorReceptor (biochemistry)G protein-coupled receptorMembrane receptor

Question 4: Metabotropic receptors on the presynaptic membrane can inhibit or, more rarely, facilitate neurotransmitter release from the presynaptic ________ (Schmitz et al., 2001).
Glial cellNervous systemPhotoreceptor cellNeuron

Question 5: Metabotropic receptor is a subtype of membrane receptors at the surface or in vesicles of ________ cells.

Question 6: Hence, they are a type of ________.
Receptor (biochemistry)Membrane receptorG protein-coupled receptorOlfactory receptor

Question 7: Metabotropic receptors have neurotransmitters as ________, which, when bound to the receptors, initiate cascades that can lead to channel-opening or other cellular effects.
HSAB theoryLigandCrystal field theoryCoordination complex


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