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Question 1: Unspecified referential index, refers to the use of ________ (they, them, you, he, she, men, women, ...) when the context is unknown, or can not easily be understood based on the preceding sentences.
Impersonal verbPersonal pronounArticle (grammar)Gender-specific pronoun

Question 2: Of particular interest was Korzybski's critique of cause-effect rationale and his notion that "the map is not the territory" which also featured in ________'s writing.
CyberneticsSystems theoryGregory BatesonTalcott Parsons

Question 3: [1] They observed and imitated gestalt therapist Fritz Perls and family systems therapist ________ in person and via recordings.
Family therapyGreat DepressionNeuro-linguistic programmingVirginia Satir

Question 4: In 1957, Chomsky published ________, in which he developed the idea that each sentence in a language has two levels of representation — a deep structure and a surface structure.
Cartesian linguisticsNoam ChomskySyntactic StructuresImperial Ambitions

Question 5: It can also be traced to the nominalistic tradition of ________.
Thomas AquinasAnselm of CanterburyDuns ScotusWilliam of Ockham

Question 6: Richard Bandler
Robert Dilts
Judith DeLozier
Stephen Gilligan
Milton H. EricksonJohn GrinderNeuro-linguistic programmingDavid Gordon (psychologist)

Question 7: Bandler and Grinder equated this level of thought to what ________ described as the deep structure.
Henry David ThoreauNoam Chomsky's political viewsNoam ChomskyAnarchism

Question 8: ________ - co-creator of this meta model
Neuro-linguistic programmingJohn GrinderMilton H. EricksonRichard Bandler

Question 9: Meta model
Milton model
Rep. systems
Perceptual positions
John GrinderMeta-model (NLP)Meta-programsMilton H. Erickson

Question 10: In this model, a "________" is a statement in which one or more unstated assumption(s) must be taken for granted (presupposed) for the statement to make sense.
Bertrand RussellSpeech actPresuppositionPragmatics


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