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Meta-analysis: Quiz


Question 1: The online ________ lists the first usage of the term in the statistical sense as 1976 by Glass.
United KingdomAmerican and British English spelling differencesOxford English DictionaryJames Murray (lexicographer)

Question 2: The ________ describes the often observed fact that only results with significant parameters are published in academic journals.
Confirmation biasEvidence-based medicinePublication biasMedical journal

Question 3: This is normally done by identification of a common measure of ________, which is modelled using a form of meta-regression.
Randomized controlled trialEffect sizeBlind experimentMultiple comparisons

Question 4: This ________ or "file-drawer effect" (where non-significant studies end up in the desk drawer instead of in the public domain) should be seriously considered when interpreting the outcomes of a meta-analysis.
Publication biasConfirmation biasEvidence-based medicineMedical journal

Question 5: Although meta-analysis is widely used in ________ and evidence-based medicine today, a meta-analysis of a medical treatment was not published until 1955.
Public healthHuman nutritionEpidemiologyNutrition

Question 6: The example provided by the ________ illustrates an application of meta-analysis which has been the subject of subsequent criticisms of many of the components of the meta-analysis.
North American Man/Boy Love AssociationChild sexual abuseRind et al. controversyPederasty

Question 7: In ________, a meta-analysis combines the results of several studies that address a set of related research hypotheses.
Mathematical statisticsStatisticsRegression analysisProbability


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