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Messerschmitt Me 410: Quiz


Question 1: The Messerschmitt Me 410 Hornisse ("Hornet") was a German heavy fighter and Schnellbomber used by ________ during World War II developed from the badly flawed Me 210.
Royal Air ForceHellenic Air ForceLuftwaffeRomanian Air Force

Question 2: 2 × 20 mm ________ with 350 rpg, firing forward
B-17 Flying FortressMK 108 cannonMG 151 cannonMesserschmitt Bf 109

Question 3: The Me 410 night ________ proved to be an elusive target for the RAF night fighters.
B-52 StratofortressF-15E Strike EagleBomberB-1 Lancer

Question 4: Powerplant:Daimler-Benz DB 603A liquid-cooled ________, 1,750 PS (1,726 hp, 1,287 kW) each
Straight-six engineV8 engineInline-four engineV12 engine

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