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Question 1:
What type is thing is Messerschmitt Me 262?
Box set

Question 2: During testing, the Me 262 was found to have advantages over the early models of the ________.
Gloster JavelinGloster GauntletGloster MeteorGloster Gladiator

Question 3: The Me 262 influenced the designs of post-war aircraft such as the North American F-86 and ________.
B-29 SuperfortressB-52 StratofortressB-47 StratojetBoeing B-54

Question 4: In the PC flight-simulator Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, a virtual ________ voiced by himself, accurately states that Allied pilots used the term Blow Job as a nickname for the Me 262s.
Chuck YeagerF-86 SabreP-51 MustangB-17 Flying Fortress

Question 5: As the only aircraft in ________ service able to operate safely at that point in the war, the design was pressed into a variety of roles, including light bomber, reconnaissance and even experimental night fighter versions.
Royal Air ForceLuftwaffeHellenic Air ForceRomanian Air Force

Question 6: [17] This was almost nine months ahead of the British ________'s first flight on 5 March 1943.
Gloster JavelinGloster GauntletGloster GladiatorGloster Meteor

Question 7: [21] Major ________ was assigned as commander after the death of Werner Thierfelder in July 1944, and the unit redesignated Kommando Nowotny.
Werner MöldersWalter NowotnyErich HartmannHans-Joachim Marseille

Question 8: These reproductions are constructed by Legend Flyers (later Me 262 Project) of ________.
Edmonds, WashingtonMukilteo, WashingtonMarysville, WashingtonEverett, Washington

Question 9: Powerplant:________ B-1 turbojets, 8.8 kN (1,980 lbf) each
Tumansky R-13Junkers Jumo 004BMW 003Tumansky R-25

Question 10: ________ (Postwar, nine S-92 and three CS-92)
Romanian Air ForcePolish Air ForceCzech Air ForceAzerbaijani Air Force

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