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Question 1: Nevertheless, the era featured the dramatic rifting of the supercontinent ________.

Question 2: The Jurassic was the height of archosaur diversity, and the first ________ and placental mammals also appeared.
ArchaeopteryxModern birdsEnantiornithesBird

Question 3: In particular, the extinction of the large herbivorous and ________ dinocephalia left those ecological niches empty.
Filter feederPredationCarnivoreHypercarnivore

Question 4: Even with the overall warmth, temperature fluctuations should have been sufficient for the presence of polar ice caps and ________, but there is no evidence of either.
Ice sheetGlacierLittle Ice AgeCurrent sea level rise

Question 5: Lying between the Paleozoic and the Cenozoic, "Mesozoic" means "middle animals", deriving from the Greek prefix meso-/μεσο- for "between" and zoon/ζωον meaning "________" or "living being".

Question 6: ________ (145.5 Ma to 65.5 Ma)
CretaceousCretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventGeologic time scaleDinosaur

Question 7: ________ (251.0 Ma to 199.6 Ma)
PermianGeologic time scaleDinosaurTriassic

Question 8: The Mesozoic was a time of tectonic, ________ and evolutionary activity.
MeteorologyClimatePrecipitation (meteorology)Rain

Question 9: The climate was exceptionally warm throughout the period, also playing an important role in the evolution and diversification of new ________ species.

Question 10: It is often called the "Age of the ________", after the dominant fauna of the era.

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