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Mesopotamian campaign: Quiz


Question 1: The entire XII Corps was deployed to the ________.
World War ISinai and Palestine CampaignGallipoli CampaignArab Revolt

Question 2: They were disappointed with the arguments regarding the establishment of ________.
British Mandate of MesopotamiaBritish Mandate of PalestineBritish EmpireTransjordan

Question 3: He ordered Charles Vere Ferrers Townshend to advance to Kut or even to ________ if possible.

Question 4: General Maude died of ________ on 18 November.
Typhoid feverPlague (disease)Vibrio choleraeCholera

Question 5: In February 1919, in ________, a coalition of Shia merchants, Sunni teachers and civil servants, Sunni and Shia ulama, and Iraqi officers formed the Haras al Istiqlal (the Guardians of Independence).

Question 6: The ________ played a significant role in the liberation of Baghdad.
Indian Army (1895–1947)British RajIndian Army during World War IIndian Army during World War II

Question 7: The ________ had conquered the region in the early 16th century.
Turkish peopleTurkeyOttoman EmpireIstanbul

Question 8: But Cobbe did not hold his current position as the armistice required, and continued to advance on ________ in the face of Turkish protests.
MosulIraqKurdish peopleBaghdad

Question 9: On 30 October the High Command in ________ changed the force distribution.
Turkish peopleAnkaraIstanbulTurkey

Question 10: The Mesopotamian campaign was a campaign in the Middle Eastern theatre of the Great War fought between the Allies represented by the ________, mostly troops from the Indian Empire, and the Central Powers, mostly of the Ottoman Empire.
British EmpireNauruInformal EmpireBarbados

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