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Question 1:
What is the national anthem of Iraq?
"We want God, Virgin Mary"
"Long live the King"
Ardh Alforatain
"Great Triumphal March"

Question 2:
What state is Tigris associated with?
North Carolina

Question 3: These songs provided a means of passing on through the centuries highly important ________ about historical events that were eventually passed on to modern historians.
InformationArtificial intelligenceSystems engineeringElectrical engineering

Question 4:
What is the street address of Euphrates?
Somerset Regional Council
Keene, NH

Question 5: This was an important contribution to astronomy and the ________ and some scholars have thus referred to this new approach as the first scientific revolution.
Philosophy of sciencePseudoscienceScientific methodRelationship between religion and science

Question 6: ________ and wrestling feature frequently in art, and some form of polo was probably popular, with men sitting on the shoulders of other men rather than on horses.
BoxingKickboxingMartial artsWorld Boxing Council

Question 7:
Who played Aied the movie Mesopotamia?
Azad Khidir
Zalal Kafaji
Sinan Sajed Spahi
Assad Rashed

Question 8:
What role did Sammy Al-Rahbi play in the movie Mesopotamia?
Sammy the letter writer
Tariqs father

Question 9: Eannatum of ________ who founded the first (short-lived) empire.
LagashSumerian King ListAkkadian EmpireSumer

Question 10:
What role did Azad Khidir play in the movie Mesopotamia?
Sammy the letter writer
The old man

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