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Meson: Quiz


Question 1:
What family does Meson belong to?
Ray Krebbs
Malay-based pidgin.
Red Forman

Question 2: The other members of the hadron family are the ________—subatomic particles composed of three quarks.
Standard ModelBaryonNeutrinoMeson

Question 3: When the world war ended in August 1945, many physicists gradually returned to peacetime pure research, including in ________.
EnglandGreat BritainUnited KingdomScotland

Question 4: The rules for classification are defined by the ________, and are rather convoluted.
Particle Data GroupStandard ModelMesonQuark

Question 5: CP-parity was thought to be conserved, but was later found to be violated in ________.
Standard ModelParticle physicsWeak interactionQuark

Question 6: C. Amsler et al. (________) (2008).
MesonStandard ModelParticle Data GroupQuark

Question 7: Yukawa was awarded the ________ for predicting the existence of the meson, and some of its properties.
John Hasbrouck Van VleckTsung-Dao LeeNicolaas BloembergenNobel Prize in Physics

Question 8: The first candidate for Yukawa's meson was found quite soon, the "mu meson", or ________ that was discovered by Carl David Anderson and others in 1936.
MuonProtonElectronStandard Model

Question 9: ________.
Nobel Peace PrizeNobel Prize controversiesLinus PaulingNobel Prize

Question 10: In particle physics, mesons are subatomic particles composed of one quark and one ________.
QuarkTop quarkStandard ModelStrange quark


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