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Question 1: Regions that experienced greater environmental effects as the ________ ended have a much more apparent Mesolithic era, lasting millennia.
Little Ice AgeLast glacial periodIce ageLast Glacial Maximum

Question 2: [citation needed] This period is characterized by the early rise of agriculture that would later emerge into the ________ period.
Cucuteni-Trypillian cultureNeolithicLinear Pottery cultureVinča culture

Question 3: The Mesolithic began with our ________ warm period around 11,660 BP and ended with the introduction of farming, the date of which varied in each geographical region.
Geologic time scale10th millennium BCHolocenePleistocene

Question 4: Other authors use the term Mesolithic for a variety of Late Paleolithic cultures subsequent to the end of the ________ whether they are transitional towards agriculture or not.
Last glacial periodIce ageLast Glacial MaximumLittle Ice Age

Question 5: The change from Mesolithic 1 to ________ can be dated more closely.
Natufian cultureStone toolStone AgeKebaran

Question 6: The Late Natufian most likely occurred in tandem with the ________.
Quaternary glaciationYounger DryasLast glacial periodLittle Ice Age

Question 7: ________, Serbia — 7000 BC
Lepenski Vir4th millennium BC6th millennium BC3rd millennium BC

Question 8: The Mesolithic (Greek: mesos "middle", lithos stone) or "Middle Stone Age"[1] was a period in the development of human technology in between the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age and the ________ or New Stone Age.
Linear Pottery cultureNeolithicCucuteni-Trypillian cultureVinča culture

Question 9: Gazetteer of Mesolithic sites in England and Wales with a gazetteer of Upper Palaeolithic sites in England and Wales. Wymer JJ and CJ Bonsall, 1977 ________ Research Report No 20
United KingdomCouncil for British ArchaeologyColin BuchananInternet Archaeology


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