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Mesocyclone: Quiz


Question 1: A mesocyclone is a vortex of air, approximately 2 to 10 km in diameter (the mesoscale of meteorology), within a ________ storm.

Question 2: They are most often cyclonic, that is, associated with a localized low-pressure region within a ________.
Precipitation (meteorology)MeteorologySevere weatherThunderstorm

Question 3: The best way to detect and verify the presence of a mesocyclone is by Doppler ________.
NEXRADWeather forecastingMETARWeather radar

Question 4: Mesocyclones often occur together with updrafts in ________, where tornadoes may form.
SupercellCumulonimbus cloudThunderstormConvective storm detection

Question 5: Such storms can feature strong surface winds and severe ________.
Precipitation (meteorology)HailRainThunderstorm

Question 6: Mesocyclones are believed to form when strong changes of wind speed and/or direction with height ("________") sets parts of the lower part of the atmosphere spinning in invisible tube-like rolls.
MeteorologyWind gradientThunderstormWind shear


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