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Question 1: The rules of the ballgame are not known, but judging from its descendant, ulama, they were probably similar to ________ or volleyball,[2] where the aim is to keep the ball in play.
Olympic GamesUnited StatesUS Open Racquetball ChampionshipsRacquetball

Question 2: [8] The earliest-known rubber balls come from the sacrificial bog at El Manatí, an early ________-associated site located in the hinterland of the Coatzalcoalcos River drainage system.
OlmecTeotihuacanMesoamerican chronologyMaya civilization

Question 3: The Postclassic Maya religious and quasi-historical narrative, the ________, also links human sacrifice with the ballgame (see below).
Popol VuhGuatemalaMaya maize godMaya Hero Twins

Question 4: [42] Ixtlilxochitl, a contemporary of Torquemada, relates that Topiltzin, the ________ king, played against 3 rivals, the winner to rule all.
TeotihuacanOlmecToltecMaya civilization

Question 5: It is known in Spanish as juego de pelota ("ballgame"), in Classic Maya as pitz, and in ________ as ullamaliztli.
NahuatlMesoamerican languagesNahua peoplesMayan languages

Question 6: Pictorial depictions often show musicians playing at ballgames, while votive deposits buried at the Main Ballcourt at ________ contained miniature whistles, ocarinas, and drums.
MesoamericaLake TexcocoMexico CityTenochtitlan

Question 7: For example, the Late Classic site of El Tajin, the largest city of the ballgame-obsessed ________, has at least 18 ballcourts while Cantona, a nearby contemporaneous site, sets the record with 24.
OlmecClassic Veracruz cultureWestern Mexico shaft tomb traditionTeotihuacan

Question 8: In modern-day ulama, the game resembles a net-less ________.
Olympic GamesBeach volleyballVolleyballBasketball

Question 9: The playing field of the Great Ballcourt at Chichen Itza, by far the largest, measures 96.5 meters long by 30 meters wide while the Ceremonial Court at ________ was only 16 meters by 5 meters.

Question 10: A figurine showing ballplayer gear, from the Gulf coast's ________.
OlmecWestern Mexico shaft tomb traditionTeotihuacanClassic Veracruz culture


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