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Mesoamerican architecture: Quiz


Question 1: Another striking part of Mesoamerican architecture is its ________.
IconographyHalo (religious iconography)Gothic artMadonna (art)

Question 2: ________, Pre-Hispanic City of Veracruz
TeotihuacanChichen ItzaEl TajínQuerétaro, Querétaro

Question 3: Mesoamerican cultures never invented the keystone, and so were unable to build true ________, but instead all of their architecture made use of the "false" or Corbelled arch.
ArchTriumphal archItalyArch bridge

Question 4: Residing atop the pyramids, some of over two-hundred feet, such as that at ________, the temples were impressive and decorated structures themselves.
El MiradorTikalEl TintalQ'umarkaj

Question 5: In addition to the structural use of limestone, much of their mortar consisted of crushed, burnt, and mixed limestone that mimicked the properties of cement and was used just as widely for ________ finishing as it was for mortar.

Question 6: One of the ________ stones on El Tajin's South Ballcourt is 11 m long and weighs more than 10 tons.
GreywackeSedimentary rockGeologySandstone

Question 7: Historic Centre of Oaxaca and Archaeological Site of ________
Oaxaca, OaxacaChichen ItzaMonte AlbánTeotihuacan

Question 8: The ________ ritual was a symbolic journey between the underworld and the world of the living, and many ball courts are found in the mid-part of the city functioning as a connection between the northern and southern halves of the city.
Mesoamerican ballcourtMesoamerican chronologyOlmecMesoamerican ballgame

Question 9: Mesoamerican architecture is the set of architectural traditions produced by pre-Columbian cultures and civilizations of ________, traditions which are best known in the form of public, ceremonial and urban monumental buildings and structures.
Maya civilizationMesoamerican chronologyMesoamericaTakalik Abaj

Question 10: In the case of the common houses, wooden poles, ________, and thatch were the primary materials; however, instances of what appear to be common houses of limestone have been discovered as well.
Natural buildingAdobeCob (material)Rammed earth


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