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Question 1: The Pipil resided in ________, while the Ch'orti' were in eastern Guatemala and northwestern Honduras.
NicaraguaCosta RicaEl SalvadorMexico

Question 2: Other animals, including the duck, ________,[citation needed] dogs, and turkey were domesticated.
CattleDeerWild boarEven-toed ungulate

Question 3: Archaic sites include Sipacate in Escuintla, Guatemala, where ________ pollen samples date to ca.

Question 4: ________ were common public monuments throughout Mesoamerica, and served to commemorate notable successes, events and dates associated with the rulers and nobility of the various sites.
Ming DynastyMegalithSteleBritish Museum

Question 5: Sea shells from both coastal areas were used as ________ during the Preclassic[citation needed].
CoinCurrencyCyprusISO 4217

Question 6: These included the two solstices and the two ________ which could be thought of as the four "directional pillars" that support the year.
EquinoxCalendarDayWeek-day names

Question 7: It should be noted, however, that earlier maize samples have been documented at the Los Ladrones cave site in ________, ca.
PanamaCosta RicaNicaraguaDominican Republic

Question 8: While generally concentrating within the area in and around the Puuc hills, the style has been documented as far away as at ________ to the east and Edzna to the south.
CalakmulPalenqueChichen ItzaUxmal

Question 9: Outside of the northern Maya lowlands, ________ are common throughout Mesoamerica.
Drainage basinStreamRiverEstuary

Question 10: In the field of medicine there were two schools: one was the ________ tradition, where shaman is understood as being a priestly healer who dealt with certain ailments, the most common of which was the loss of the soul.
ReligionShamanismPolytheismMircea Eliade

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