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Meskhetian Turks: Quiz


Question 1: They were deported to ________ during November 15-25 1944 by Joseph Stalin and settled within Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.
Middle EastCentral AsiaSouth AsiaSiberia

Question 2: In 1958-62 the settlement of over 20,000 families was sanctioned by the government of Soviet Azerbaijan in the districts of Saatly Rayon, Sabirabad Rayon, ________ and Shamkir Rayon.
KhudatKhachmaz RayonShumagirKhachmaz (city)

Question 3: The legal status of those who moved to ________, however, remained undetermined, and many were Stateless.
Stavropol KraiTatarstanKrasnoyarsk KraiKrasnodar Krai

Question 4: In cooperation with the two governments (________ and the US), approximately 11,500 individuals departed.
MoscowRussian cultureRussiaUnited States

Question 5: For the most part, the ________ is more widely accepted when writing, which would attempt to follow more closely with Turkish orthography and vocabulary.
Turkish alphabetLatin-derived alphabetCedillaLatin alphabet

Question 6: ________, seen as their homeland by many Meskhetian Turks themselves, started a program of resettling Meskhetian immigrants in the underprivileged, Kurdish majority eastern regions of the country.
Turkish peopleCyprusCroatiaTurkey

Question 7: Their resettlement created tension among the ________ population of Samtskhe-Javakheti province.
ArmeniansArmenian Apostolic ChurchArmenian diasporaArmenian language

Question 8: [15] Their presence caused tensions with the local ________ population, who, according to human rights activists, in coordination with local authorities lead prosecutions of them.
Zaporozhian CossacksDanubian SichKuban CossacksAzov Cossack Host

Question 9: Predominantly Sunni Muslims; minorities practice Shia Islam, ________ or no religion.
BaptistEcumenismChristian denominationChristianity

Question 10: During the rule of the ________ (1299-1922), Turkish settlers moved into Meskheti as part of the Turkish expansion.
Ottoman EmpireIstanbulByzantine EmpireTurkey


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