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Question 1: ________ can at best manage reasonable distribution in 5 dimensions)
Mersenne twisterMonte Carlo methodLinear congruential generatorPseudorandom number generator

Question 2: A small lagged Fibonacci generator or ________ gets started much quicker and usually is used to seed the Mersenne Twister.
AlgorithmPseudorandom number generatorLinear congruential generatorMonte Carlo method

Question 3: For example, a simple complementary ________ generator can have a period 1033000 times as long, be significantly faster, and maintain better or equal randomness.
George MarsagliaComputer scienceLinear congruential generatorMultiply-with-carry

Question 4: In order to achieve the 2nw − r − 1 theoretical upper limit of the period in a TGFSR, φB(t) must be a primitive polynomial, φB(t) being the ________ of
Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceMatrix (mathematics)Linear algebraCharacteristic polynomial

Question 5: It also is implemented in gLib and the standard libraries of at least ________, Python and Ruby.
PerlPHPLua (programming language)Java (programming language)

Question 6: The algorithm in its native form is not suitable for ________ (unlike Blum Blum Shub).
CryptographySteganographySignals intelligenceEspionage

Question 7: It is designed with ________ and other statistical simulations in mind.
Maximum likelihoodProbabilityStatisticsMonte Carlo method

Question 8: SFMT, the ________-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister, is a variant of Mersenne Twister, introduced in 2006[11], designed to be fast when it runs on 128-bit SIMD.
MultithreadingGPGPUSIMDVector processor

Question 9: Intel SSE2 and ________ AltiVec are supported by SFMT.
PowerPC 7xxPowerPCPowerPC G4Power Architecture

Question 10: The authors claim speeds 1.5 to 2 times faster than AES in ________.
Block cipherBlock cipher modes of operationAvalanche effectEAX mode


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