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Merovingian dynasty: Quiz


Question 1: Radegund, Thuringian princess who founded a monastery at ________ (died 587);

Question 2: A Carolingian denarius replaced the Merovingian one, and the Frisian penning, in ________ from 755 to the eleventh century.
La Tène cultureGaulsCeltsGaul

Question 3: Monegund, widow and recluse of ________ (died 544);

Question 4: The remaining international trade was dominated by Middle Eastern merchants, often Jewish ________.
KhazarsRadhaniteIbn BattutaSilk Road

Question 5: Numerous Merovingians who served as bishops and abbots, or who generously funded ________ and monasteries, were rewarded with sainthood.

Question 6: After Pepin's long rule, his son ________ assumed power, fighting against nobles and his own stepmother.
Louis the PiousCharles MartelCharlemagnePepin the Short

Question 7: ________, king of Austrasia, son of the former (died 679)
Clovis IIIChilderic IIDagobert IIMerovingian dynasty

Question 8: The Merovingian rule was ended in 751 when ________ formally deposed Childeric III, beginning the Carolingian monarchy.
Pepin the ShortLouis the PiousCharlemagneCarloman I

Question 9: These concessions saw the very considerable power of the king parcelled out and retained by leading comites and duces (________ and dukes).
MarquessCountMargraveRoyal and noble ranks

Question 10: After the fall of the ________, the Franks also conquered Provence.
OstrogothsOstrogothic KingdomVisigothsByzantine Empire


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