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Mermaid Saga: Quiz


Question 1: This first OVA, Mermaid Forest, was released in ________ in August 1991 and was picked up surprisingly quickly in the United States.
JapanUnited KingdomCanadaCambodia

Question 2: Mermaid Saga (人魚シリーズ Ningyo Shirīzu?) is a series of manga graphic novels in three volumes by Japanese mangaka ________.
Rumiko TakahashiUrusei YatsuraInuYashaRanma ½

Question 3: Two of the stories from the series, Mermaid Forest and Mermaid's Scar, have been adapted as anime OVAs, and all of the tales, except one, were later produced as an ________ TV series.
Traditional animationAnimeSilhouette animationAdult animation

Question 4: Legend has it that those who eat the flesh of a ________ may become immortal.
MermaidSirenNeck (water spirit)Naiad

Question 5: Mermaid's Scar, released in September 1993 has the distinction of being one of the two titles which launched ________'s anime line, VIZ Video.
Viz MediaShonen Jump (magazine)TokyopopShojo Beat

Question 6: Note: In some cases a character is portrayed by a different voice actor in the ________.
Saint SeiyaAnimeOriginal video animationDirect-to-video

Question 7: While closely following the story of the original manga (more so than the ________ versions), many of the violent aspects of the stories were toned down.
Original video animationDirect-to-videoSaint SeiyaAnime

Question 8: Mermaid Saga tells the tale of Yuta, an immortal who travel across ________ and meet others whose lives have been ruined by mermaid flesh.
CanadaCambodiaUnited KingdomJapan

Question 9: It was distributed by ________ and was marketed as one of the "Rumik World" anime (along with Maris the Chojo, Fire Tripper, and Laughing Target).
Central Park MediaLibre PublishingA.D. VisionUrotsukidōji

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