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Merina: Quiz


Question 1: Twenty French soldiers died fighting and 6,000 died of ________ and other diseases before the second Franco-Hova War ended.
MalariaAIDSPlasmodium falciparumBabesiosis

Question 2: The 103-year-old Merina monarchy ended with the royal family sent to exile in ________.

Question 3: In 1896 the French Parliament voted to ________ Madagascar.

Question 4: ________, Betsileo, other Malagasy people
TuvaluPalauNew CaledoniaAustronesian peoples

Question 5: In 1895, a French flying-column landed in Mahajanga (Majunga) and marched by way of the Betsiboka River to the capital, ________, taking the city’s defenders by surprise.
AlgiersAddis AbabaAntananarivoNairobi

Question 6: Their ancestors, the ________, migrated from Borneo in the Malay archipelago around the beginning of the common era.
Austronesian peoplesNew CaledoniaPalauTuvalu


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