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Mercury switch: Quiz


Question 1: ________, a rectifier device intended for high electrical voltages/currents
Mercury arc valveVacuum tubeHigh-voltage direct currentTransformer

Question 2: They are also commonly used in ________ that have 'tilt alarms'.
GermanyVending machineJapanFull-line vending

Question 3: Low-cost ________ replace the mercury tilt switch in precision applications.
GravimeterInertial navigation systemAccelerometerMicroelectromechanical systems

Question 4: Additionally, mercury tilt switches can be found in some bomb and landmine ________, typically in the form of anti-handling devices e.g.
ArtilleryNaval mineFuzeFuse (explosives)

Question 5: Mercury switches consist of one or more sets of electrical contacts in a sealed ________ envelope which contains a bead of mercury.
MACORGlassBorosilicate glassCranberry glass

Question 6: Since mercury is a poisonous heavy metal, devices containing mercury switches must be treated as ________ for disposal.
PollutionArsenicHazardous wasteMercury (element)

Question 7: They were used in ________ machines, they were the origin of the "tilt" indicator.
Personal computer gamePac-ManPinballElectronic game

Question 8: Mercury switches were commonly used in bimetal ________.
Building automationMeasuring instrumentThermostatInternal combustion engine

Question 9: The INLA used a mercury tilt switch and also microswitches to trigger the car bomb which killed ________ during the Troubles.
Margaret ThatcherHarold WilsonEdward HeathAirey Neave


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