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Question 1: I, II, and III Meqabyan (Ge'ez: መቃብያን, sometimes spelled Makabian) are three books in the Ethiopian Orthodox Old Testament ________.
Nevi'imChristian biblical canonsBibleBiblical canon

Question 2: Although these books are totally different in content from the books of ________ in Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Bibles, they are sometimes referred to as Ethiopic Maccabees or Ethiopian Maccabees.

Question 3: [1] According to this book, a ________ called Meqabis taught that men should worship the true God, and his 5 sons and others were burnt by the king.
LeviIssacharJudah (Bible)Benjamin

Question 4: The "________" described in these books are not those of the Hasmonean dynasty, but apparently correspond to the martyred "Woman with seven sons", who were also referred to as "Maccabees" and are revered throughout Orthodoxy as the "Maccabean Martyrs".
DiadochiHanukkahMaccabeesAlexander the Great

Question 5: He previously published online an edition in ________, the liturgical dialect of the Rastafari Movement.
Bob MarleyItalRastafarian vocabularyLeonard Howell

Question 6: It is a diffuse account of salvation and punishment, illustrated from the lives of Adam, Job, ________ and others.


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