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Question 1: They may be thought of as "shortcuts to frequently used commands that avoid the operator having to have a detailed knowledge or recall of ________.
Generative grammarSyntaxMorphology (linguistics)Grammar

Question 2: Menus allow the control of settings like tint, brightness, contrast, bass and treble, and other functions such as channel memory and ________.
VideoClosed captioningTelevisionNTSC

Question 3: positioning a cursor or reverse video bar by using a keyboard, mouse, or ________ D-pad
Remote controlPersonal computerRadio controlTeletext

Question 4: A menu is used in contrast to a ________, where instructions to the computer are given in the form of commands (or verbs).
UnixWindows PowerShellCommand-line interpreterCommand-line interface

Question 5: A computer using a ________ presents menus with a combination of text and symbols to represent choices.
Widget toolkitX Window SystemGraphical user interfaceDesktop environment

Question 6: According to traditional ________ guidelines, menu names were always supposed to be verbs, such as "file", "edit" and so on.
User interfaceHuman–computer interactionGraphical user interfaceUsability

Question 7: ________ of sub-menus has been criticized as difficult, because of the narrow height that must be crossed by the pointer.
UsabilityErgonomicsHuman–computer interactionUsability engineering

Question 8: In computing and telecommunications, a menu is a list of commands presented to an operator by a ________ or communications system.
ComputerLinuxPersonal computerCentral processing unit

Question 9: Menus are now also seen in consumer electronics, starting with TV sets that had then-new on-screen displays in the early ________, and extending into computer monitors, VCRs, and DVD players.
19961990s19932000s (decade)

Question 10: Other electronics with text-only displays can also have menus, anything from business telephone systems with digital ________, to weather radios that can be set to respond only to specific weather warnings in a specific area.
Telephone related articlesTelephoneTelephone exchangeAlexander Graham Bell


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