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Question 1: Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II (2061 BC – 2010 BC) was a ________ of the 11th dynasty, the son of Intef III of Egypt and a minor queen called Iah.
PharaohHatshepsutAmenhotep IIIAhmose I

Question 2: Mentuhotep II led military campaigns south into Nubia, which had gained its independence during the ________.
Eleventh dynasty of EgyptPredynastic EgyptFirst Intermediate Period of EgyptSeventh and eighth dynasties of Egypt

Question 3: During his reign, Mentuhotep was able to reunite ________ for the first time since the 6th dynasty.
Alexander the GreatAncient EgyptNew KingdomPtolemaic Kingdom

Question 4: Mentuhotep II was buried in a large tomb he had constructed at ________.
LuxorDeir el-BahriRamesseumKarnak


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