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Question 1: Prior to 1979 a Mention in Despatches was one of the few awards that could be made posthumously, the others being the Victoria Cross and ________.
MaltaEnglandGeorge CrossAustralia

Question 2: [3] The Australian general ________ was mentioned in despatches a total of eight times during the First World War, as was John Dill.
Thomas BlameyGallipoli CampaignHarold Bridgwood WalkerGordon Bennett (general)

Question 3: During World War II, the ________ sometimes mentioned individual soldiers in its daily radio report to the public.
Albert KesselringAdolf HitlerWehrmachtEastern Front (World War II)

Question 4: a bronze star for those who had been mentioned at the regiment or ________ level.
CorpsCompany (military unit)BrigadeBattalion

Question 5: Bronze Star and ________ or UK Military Cross and Military Medal.
Valor devicePurple HeartDistinguished Service Cross (United States)Silver Star

Question 6: The ________ rendition of Mentioned in Despatches is Eervolle Vermelding in Berigte.
Dutch languageZulu languageAfrikaansEnglish language

Question 7: The oak leaves were first issued after the end of ________.
World War IWestern Front (World War I)Caucasus CampaignArmenian Genocide

Question 8: The others were the Victoria Cross, the ________, and the King's Commendation (South Africa).
MaltaEnglandAustraliaGeorge Cross

Question 9: In the early U.S. Army no awards or medals were given with the exception of a ________ then known as the Badge of Military Merit, though this award fell into disuse shortly after the Revolution.
Bronze Star MedalPurple HeartArmed Forces Expeditionary MedalSilver Star

Question 10: Since 15 January 1991, when the ________ was established, the MID was replaced by two Australian decorations—the Commendation for Gallantry, a fourth level gallantry decoration, and the Commendation for Distinguished Service, a third level distinguished service decoration.
Orders, decorations, and medals of AustraliaAustralian dollarConstitution of AustraliaTimeline of Australian history


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