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Question 1: Exposure to poisons like ________ or mercury may also affect mental ability.

Question 2: A woman who drinks ________ (see fetal alcohol syndrome) or gets an infection like rubella during pregnancy may also have a baby with mental disability.

Question 3: This third condition is used to distinguish it from ________ conditions such as Alzheimer's disease or due to traumatic injuries with attendant brain damage.
DementiaHypersomniaHuntington's diseaseParkinson's disease

Question 4: MR can be distinguished in many ways from ________, such as schizophrenia or depression.
Bipolar disorderMental disorderICD-10 Chapter V: Mental and behavioural disordersPsychiatry

Question 5: ________ is the oldest and comes from a dialectal French word for Christian.
GoitreHypopituitarismCongenital hypothyroidismCretinism

Question 6: Several traditional terms denoting varying degrees of mental deficiency long predate psychiatry, but have since been subject to the ________.
CensorshipEuphemismBook burningMedia bias

Question 7: Diseases like whooping cough, ________, or meningitis can cause mental disability if medical care is delayed or inadequate.

Question 8: If a baby has problems during labor and birth, such as not getting enough ________, he or she may have developmental disability due to brain damage.

Question 9: It is not specific to congenital disorders such as ________.
XYY syndromeTrisomy 18Down syndromeTurner syndrome

Question 10: Mental disability can result when the ________ does not develop properly.
Umbilical veinEmbryologyPrenatal developmentFetus

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