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Question 1: Mental health is a term used to describe either a level of cognitive or ________ well-being or an absence of a mental disorder.
Positive psychologyEmotionEvolutionary psychologyPsychology

Question 2: ________ is increasingly prominent in mental health.
EmotionPositive psychologyEducational psychologyClinical psychology

Question 3: Education in spiritual and religious matters is also required by the ________.
American Psychiatric AssociationAnti-psychiatryPsychiatryPsychotherapy

Question 4: This definition of mental health highlights emotional well-being, the capacity to live a full and ________ life, and the flexibility to deal with life's inevitable challenges.
Arthur SchopenhauerCreativityGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel Kant

Question 5: The ________ explicitly states that religion must be respected.
Psychological BulletinAmerican Psychological AssociationPsychological ReviewGeorge Armitage Miller

Question 6: ________
Recovery InternationalRecovery modelSelf-help groups for mental healthEmotions Anonymous

Question 7: At the beginning of the 20th century, Clifford Beers founded the National Committee for Mental Hygiene and opened the first outpatient mental health clinic in the ________.
AlaskaPhilippinesUnited StatesCanada

Question 8: Many ________ are beginning to, or already understand, the importance of competency in religious diversity and spirituality.
Family therapyClinical psychologyPsychotherapyMental health professional

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