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Question 1: For example, multiplying or dividing by ten is very easy in decimal (just move the decimal point), whereas multiplying or dividing by sixteen is not; but the opposite happens if one uses the ________ base instead of decimal.
Roman numeralsHexadecimalDuodecimalHebrew numerals

Question 2: Almost all such methods make use of the ________ numeral system.
DecimalArabic numeralsDuodecimalPositional notation

Question 3: Mental calculation comprises ________ calculations using only the human brain, with no help from a calculator or computer, or pen and paper.

Question 4: An easy way to approximate the ________ of a number is to use the following equation:
Square rootReal numberExponentiationIrrational number

Question 5: The product for any larger non-zero ________ can be found by a series of additions to each of its digits from right to left, two at a time.
Natural numberField (mathematics)IntegerRational number


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