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Menstrual psychosis: Quiz


Question 1: This is a comparatively uncommon form of severe ________, with the following characteristics:
PsychiatrySchizophreniaICD-10 Chapter V: Mental and behavioural disordersMental disorder

Question 2: Thus the clinical features resemble those of the common form of ________, and (like puerperal psychosis) menstrual psychosis is not a disease in its own right, but a member of the group of bipolar disorders.
Andrea YatesPostpartum psychosisInfanticideClear Lake City (Greater Houston)

Question 3: The first descriptions of ________ appeared about 1850 [2].
PsychosisEating disordersMajor depressive disorderPsychiatry

Question 4: As in ________, acute organic syndromes are occasionally seen, associated with epilepsy [7], urea cycle disorders [8] and perhaps endometriosis.
Clear Lake City (Greater Houston)Postpartum psychosisAndrea YatesInfanticide

Question 5: There is much evidence of a link with ________, and there may be an association with seasonal affective disorder.
Clear Lake City (Greater Houston)Postpartum psychosisInfanticideAndrea Yates

Question 6: Abnormal behaviour linked to menstruation was first noticed in the 18th century, and, as early as 1825, menstrual mood disorder was used to acquit a mother convicted of ________ [1].
InfanticideAssassinationTorture murderHonor killing

Question 7: ________, premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual (late luteal phase) depression or dysphoric disorder or menstrual mood disorder do not qualify.
AmenorrhoeaMenorrhagiaPremenstrual syndromeDysmenorrhea

Question 8: ________ features such as confusion, mutism and stupor, delusions, hallucinations or a manic syndrome.
Eating disordersMajor depressive disorderPsychiatryPsychosis

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