Mendip Hills: Quiz

Question 1: [44] The first to start ________ was Tellisford Mill, on the River Frome, which began operating in April 2007 and which is ultimately expected to produce 75kW.
Grid energy storageElectricity generationPower stationWind power

Question 2: Twenty-seven ________ finds are represented by flint and chert lithics.
9th millennium BCMesolithicStone Age10th millennium BC

Question 3: This tectonic activity produced a complex suite of mountain and hill ranges across what is now southern Ireland, south-western England, ________, and elsewhere in western Europe.
Breton languageNantesBreton peopleBrittany

Question 4: The population on the higher plateau is widely dispersed in small farms and hamlets, although most people now commute to employment in surrounding cities and towns instead of working in ________ or forestry.
Sustainable agricultureAgricultureOrganic farmingIntensive farming

Question 5: The Mendips are home to a wide range of outdoor sports and leisure activities, including caving, climbing, and ________.
Rock climbingRock climbing equipmentAbseilingBelaying

Question 6: Karstic dissolution of the limestone produced many of the gorges including, most famously, ________ and Burrington Combe.
Ebbor GorgeMendip HillsCheddar GorgeShepton Mallet

Question 7: [2][3] However, others suggest it derives from Celtic monith, meaning mountain or hill, with an uncertain second element, perhaps ________ yppe in the sense of upland or plateau.
Great Vowel ShiftOld EnglishMiddle High GermanMiddle English

Question 8: To the north of the western part of the Mendips, the A368 separates the hills from the ________,[62] while on the southern edge the A371 similarly runs along the bottom of the scarp slope between the hills and the Somerset Levels.
Mendip HillsRiver ChewKeynshamChew Valley

Question 9: It closely follows the route taken by Charles II after his defeat at the ________ in 1651.
English Civil WarThird English Civil WarBattle of Preston (1648)Battle of Worcester

Question 10: There is evidence of mining dating back to the late Bronze Age, when there were technological changes in metal-working indicating the use of ________.

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