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Menat: Quiz


Question 1: [6] The aegis was often made of faience, but other materials as varied as leather and ________ were also used.

Question 2: Karel van der Toorn, ________, Bob Becking, Wm.
Islam and antisemitismAntisemitismIslamophobiaPieter Willem van der Horst

Question 3: Menat (ancient Egyptian mnj.t) was a name used for the goddess ________.
MutIsisEgyptian pantheonHathor

Question 4: [7] It was often inscribed or bore depictions of deities associated with Hathor, such as the one of ________ displayed to the right.
Egyptian pantheonSekhmetMutMaahes

Question 5: [4] Often it was worn as a protective ________, even by Apis bulls, the sons of Hathor.
AmuletHoly waterRosarySacramentals

Question 6: The menat consisted of a plate termed ________ (Greek for "shield") worn on the chest, to which strands of beaded strings were attached.
AegisGreek mythologyApolloAthena

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