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Menacer: Quiz


Question 1: Corpse Killer (________, Sega Mega-CD 32X)
Sega 32XSega SaturnMega-CDMega Drive

Question 2: Body Count (________)
Sega Genesis CollectionSega SaturnMega DriveSega Master System

Question 3: All other Menacer games were for the Sega 32X and/or ________.
Mega DriveMega-CDSega SaturnSega SG-1000

Question 4: ________ (Sega Mega Drive)
Revolution XAerosmith singles discographyAerosmithAerosmith discography

Question 5: T2: The Arcade Game (________)
Mega DriveSega Genesis CollectionSega SaturnSega Master System

Question 6: The Menacer is powered by 6 AAA batteries and was not connected by a wire to the console but by an ________ beam that relays signals to a receiver box that would ideally sit on top of the television.
Electromagnetic spectrumInfraredX-rayUltraviolet

Question 7: The only compatible Mega Drive games were the 6-game cartridge, Body Count, T2: The Arcade Game', and ________.
Aerosmith discographyRevolution XAerosmithAerosmith singles discography

Question 8: -- the latter stars Sega franchise characters ________.
Sonic the Hedgehog (series)Jet Set RadioToeJam & EarlValkyria Chronicles

Question 9: The Menacer is a wireless lightgun created by Sega for the Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis video game console in 1992, as a response to the Super Scope by ________.
FujitsuSonyNintendoCanon (company)

Question 10: A skeletonized ________ can be added for extra support.
Assault rifleSIG SG 550Stock (firearm)Shotgun

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