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Memphis Belle (aircraft): Quiz


Question 1: ________
Western Front (World War II)Strategic bombing during World War IIPacific WarOperation Pointblank

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  The Memphis Belle on a War Bond campaign at Patterson Field during World War II.
  Memphis Belle during refurbishment in 2003.

Question 3: The nose art later included 25 bomb shapes, one for each mission credit, and 8 ________ designs, one for each German plane claimed shot down by the crew of the Memphis Belle.
SwastikaBuddhismIndian religionsAryan race

Question 4: The aircraft was then flown back to the United States on June 8, 1943, by a composite crew chosen by ________ from those who had flown combat in it, led by Capt.
92d Operations GroupEighth Air Force4th Fighter Wing93d Operations Group

Question 5: March 13, 1943 - ________, France [8]

Question 6: November 9, 1942 - ________, France [8]

Question 7: A Lockheed ________ (69-0025) is named the Memphis Belle X.
C-5 GalaxyF-22 RaptorLockheed AC-130C-130J Super Hercules

Question 8: May 14, 1943 - ________, Germany (flown by Lt.

Question 9: It is currently preserved at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base near ________.
CincinnatiDayton, OhioColumbus, OhioCleveland

Question 10: It was one of the first ________ heavy bombers to complete 25 combat missions (the first being Hell's Angels).
United States Army Air Forces9th Operations Group1st Operations GroupUnited States Army Air Corps


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