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Question 1: For instance, almost all 8-bit processors, such as 6502, supported 16-bit addresses— if not they would have been limited to a mere 256 ________ memory.
Pointer (computing)Integer (computer science)Primitive data typeByte

Question 2: In a ________, an absolute address, (sometimes called an explicit address or specific address), is a memory address that uniquely identifies a location in memory.
Programming languageComputer softwareProgramming paradigmComputer program

Question 3: A modern byte-addressable ________ computer—with proper OS support can address 264 bytes (or 16 exbibytes) which as of 2009 is considered practically unlimited.
SIMD64-bitCentral processing unitReduced instruction set computer

Question 4: It is usually credited to von Neumann, though some would be inclined to credit ________.
Alfred North WhiteheadHilary PutnamAlan TuringBertrand Russell

Question 5: Knuth, in his seminal book The Art of Computer Programming bases his abstract MIX machine on the ________ which had a shorter 7-bit word, but he never refers to it as a byte.

Question 6: One can think of memory as just a bunch of numbers or as ________—text data, binary numeric data, or as instructions themselves.
Statistical graphicsDataStatisticsExperiment

Question 7: In modern byte-addressable computers, each address identifies a single ________ of storage; data too large to be stored in a single byte may reside in multiple bytes occupying a sequence of consecutive addresses.
BytePointer (computing)BitInteger (computer science)

Question 8: The distinction between words and bytes has changed over the years; the DEC ________ had nine-bit words.

Question 9: It maps physical memory to different addresses using ________.
Operating systemPage tableMemory management unitTranslation lookaside buffer

Question 10: In computer science, a memory address is an identifier for a memory location, at which a ________ or a hardware device can store data and later retrieve it.
Computer programProgramming paradigmProgramming languageComputer software

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