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Question 1: The scientific study of memory is part of ________, an interdisciplinary link between cognitive psychology and neuroscience.
Behavioral neuroscienceNeuropsychologyCognitive neuroscienceCognitive neuropsychology

Question 2: The ________, a group of mnemonic principles and techniques used to organize memory impressions, improve recall, and assist in the combination and 'invention' of ideas.
PhilosophyMethod of lociArt of memoryAristotle

Question 3: This group of principles was usually associated with training in Rhetoric or Logic from the time of ________, but variants of the art were employed in other contexts, particularly the religious and the magical.
Alexander the GreatAncient GreeceRoman GreeceClassical antiquity

Question 4: Memorization or memorizing is the process of committing something to ________.
KC (patient)MemoryNeuropsychologyCognitive psychology

Question 5: The ________, a technique for memorizing practiced since classical antiquity which is a type of mnemonic link system based on places (loci, otherwise known as locations).
MemoryMethod of lociHippocampusArt of memory

Question 6: ________, a learning technique which focuses not on understanding but on memorization by means of repetition.
MemoryTransactive memoryRote learningActive recall


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