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Membrane protein: Quiz


Question 1: ________ span the entire membrane.
Integral membrane proteinPeripheral membrane proteinMembrane receptorTransmembrane protein

Question 2: The ________ were found only in outer membranes of Gram-negative bacteria, lipid-rich cell walls of a few Gram-positive bacteria, and outer membranes of mitochondria and chloroplasts.
Protein foldingProtein domainLeucine-rich repeatBeta barrel

Question 3: Finally, transport proteins play an important role in the maintenance of concentrations of ________.
Lithium-ion batteryElectrolyteHalf cellIon

Question 4: Structural proteins are attached to microfilaments in the ________ which ensures stability of the cell.

Question 5: ________ are temporarily attached either to the lipid bilayer or to integral proteins by a combination of hydrophobic, electrostatic, and other non-covalent interactions.
Peripheral membrane proteinPore-forming toxinMembrane receptorLeukocidin

Question 6: The transmembrane regions of the proteins are either ________ or alpha-helical.
Leucine-rich repeatProtein foldingProtein domainBeta barrel

Question 7: Membrane ________ produce a variety of substances essential for cell function.
EnzymeEnzyme inhibitorProteinCofactor (biochemistry)

Question 8: These proteins are water-soluble but can aggregate and associate irreversibly with the lipid bilayer and form alpha-helical or ________ transmembrane channels.
Beta barrelLeucine-rich repeatProtein domainProtein folding

Question 9: Such proteins are involved in ________, for example.
Immune systemToll-like receptorLymphatic systemAdaptive immune system

Question 10: ________ proteins serve as connection between the cell's internal and external environments.
Chemokine receptorMetabotropic receptorMembrane receptorReceptor (biochemistry)

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